ViralAffairs: After Watching Their Friendship And Care, All I Said Was “AWW!”


“A friend in need is a friend in deed” this quote is justified in this video. Where Zeke the dog was not well and he needed a caring heart, one who can take care of him. Winston, the cat does exactly what he needed the most at that time. Watch this beautiful selfless love of these…

7 Classy Outfits That Are Must In Every Girl’s Wardrobe To Make Her More Appealing


1) A pair of comfortable footwear
Footwear can change your simple look to stylish one. You must have a pair of comfortable footwear which can match with your outfits. This will make you look pretty and trendy.

2) A black jeans
Every girl should have at least one black jean, which gives a…

ViralAffairs: Check Out These Top Bollywood Music Chors


We all are very much aware about the copycat music directors of Bollywood but do you know this is not something new in the industry. This amazing video shows that copying of any Desi Song is not a new trend instead it’s being followed since the early black and white era of Bollywood.
Just check i…